Building Support

Building bridges is building your support network. We all know that anything can be accomplished easier when you have the right support. Marines take that to a whole new level.  I have strived to do my best at supporting everything I can. And I plan on achieving more. Now I am asking for your support. Please consider supporting me in this journey at whatever level you can. Thank you. And as Always….

Semper FIdelis!

Levels of Support

There are several levels of support that are needed to achieve this goal. We know not everyone works within all of the levels. However, with our Marine Corps League community structure we are strong throughout. So whether you are at a Detachment level, Department level, Division level or even a National level, all support is needed and appreciated.

The Detachment

The Detachment is one of the main levels that we need to get information out to. Please talk about the elections and the issues, and the way that a good staff at national can help you and your detachment. It is also important to make sure that you sign up all the delegates that you have the ability to. The more delegates that you can register equals a stronger voice and vote.

The Department

Getting together at the Department meeting and sharing your ideas and information with others helps us spread the word. This is a great opportunity to use your voice and build bridges with other detachments accross your state.

The Division

The Division is where can can build bridges between the different Departments and hash out ideas and figure out how to best support the region each Division is in.


Love it when a plan comes together. National input culminating the ideas and abilities of our Marine Corps League across our nation, making things better for all of us.

Please consider purchasing my t-shirt

What is a better way to advertise than simply wearing the information. It helps start the conversation and helps get the word out about our upcoming elections and who is running.

T-shirts come in the one color and range in sizes from small to 3XL. Shirts cost $20.00 ($22 for 2XL & $23 for 3XL)

Shirts can be ordered by downloading the order form HERE, and sending it to the address on the form. 
Orders will be filled as they come in.

Social Media is Great

Why not share what we have going on here? Please feel free to share this site, or the T-shirt form or any other information in regards to this campaign. We can only make things better when we are all more informed. Or get a hold of us today to find out what else you can do.

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Want to help? Please spread the word :)